14-17 September 2021
America/Los_Angeles timezone

Neutral bremsstrahlung calculations for TPCs

16 Sep 2021, 14:15
Signal reconstruction and identification (analysis methods, simulations) Signal Reconstruction (3C)


Mr Pablo Amedo (Instituto Galego de Física de Altas Enerxías (IGFAE, USC))


Neutral bremsstrahlung (NBrS) in the gas phase of Argon and Xenon TPCs has been measured recently, with little ambiguity, by groups in Novosibirsk and Coimbra/Santiago. While its implications for future experiments are intriguing, and so far open-ended, a lack of reliable calculations precludes the full exploitation of the phenomenon.

We have recently created a simulation module in the electron-transport code Pyboltz,implementing the original theoretical framework introduced by Buzulutskov et al., and showed an excellent description of NBrS data. The framework, soon to be accessible through GitHub, allows calculations of NBrS in any noble element mixture, as well as in weakly-quenched mixtures, at all electrical fields of interest below the excitation thresholds. For illustration purposes, we will present results obtained in cases of interest, discuss the analytical limits, future improvements, and the scope of this project.

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