LIDINE 2021: LIght Detection In Noble Elements

from Tuesday, 14 September 2021 (00:00) to Friday, 17 September 2021 (23:59)

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14 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021
17 Sep 2021
Applications (1A) - Kaixuan Ni (Lidine 2021) (until 09:15) ()
07:00 Introduction - Kaixuan Ni (UCSD)   ()
07:05 LArTPC for Neutrino Detection (Keynote) - Elena Gramellini (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   ()
07:45 Noble Element Detectors for Rare Event Searches (Keynote) - Jingke Xu (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   ()
08:25 Status of the LZ Dark Matter Experiment - Dr Sally Shaw (UCSB)   ()
08:45 Sensitivity of the nEXO neutrinoless double beta decay experiment - Brian Lenardo (Stanford University)   ()
09:00 GammaTPC: a LAr TPC for MeV Gamma Rays - Tom Shutt (SLAC)   ()
Coffee Break and Social Time in Gather.Town (until 10:00) ()
Light/Charge Response (1B) -Dr Ethan Bernard (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) (until 12:30) ()
10:00 Scintillation and ionisation response of the ReD double-phase argon TPC - Marco Rescigno (INFN/Roma)   ()
10:15 Study of Charge and Light Correlation in Electron Beam Energy Response in DUNE's prototype ProtoDUNE-SP LArTPC - Dr Zelimir Djurcic (Argonne National Lab)   ()
10:30 LArQL: A phenomenological model for treating light and charge generation in liquid argon - Franciole Marinho (UFSCar)   ()
10:45 Primary Scintillation in Ar-based Mixtures Aimed at Providing a To-signal in DUNE ND-GAr - Dr Diego González-Díaz (University of Santiago de Compostela)   ()
11:00 Predicting transport effects of scintillation light signals in large-scale liquid argon detectors - Patrick Green (The University of Manchester)   ()
11:15 Measuring the Rayleigh Scattering Length of Liquid Argon in ProtoDUNE-SP - Kyle Spurgeon (Syracuse University)   ()
11:30 Preliminary studies towards spectroscopic-based particle discrimination in Ar - Vicente Pesudo Fortes (CIEMAT)   ()
11:45 Xenon doping of Liquid Argon in ProtoDUNE Single Phase - Niccolo' Gallice (Università degli Studi di Milano - INFN Milano)   ()
12:00 Delayed electron emission in DarkSide-50 double phase liquid argon TPC - Dr Masayuki Wada (AstroCeNT)   ()
12:15 Long afterglow: physical and chemical effects of impurities in bulk media and on surfaces in Ar and Xe detectors. - Sergey Pereverzev (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   ()
Light/Charge Response (2A) -Dr Masayuki Wada (AstroCeNT) (until 08:45) ()
07:00 Absolute experimental primary scintillation yield in Xe for electrons and alpha particles - Dr C. M. B. Monteiro (Departament of Physics, University of Coimbra)   ()
07:15 Band and Time - Resolved Scintillation for Alpha and Beta Particles in Xenon, as a Function of Pressure and Electric Field - Sara Leardini (IGFAE, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)   ()
07:30 Characterization of alpha and beta interactions in liquid xenon - Mr Florian Jörg (Max-Planck-Insitut für Kernphysik)   ()
07:45 Scintillation and optical properties of xenon-doped liquid argon - Christoph Vogl (Technical University of Munich)   ()
08:00 Electronic versus nuclear recoil discrimination in liquid xenon with PIXeY - Vetri Velan (University of California, Berkeley)   ()
08:15 Scintillation yield from electronic and nuclear recoils in superfluid helium-4 - Ryan Smith (UC Berkeley)   ()
08:30 Preliminary Tests of Dual-Phase Xenon-Doped Argon Mixtures in the CHILLAX Detector - Dr Ethan Bernard (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   ()
08:45 Conference Photo on Zoom   ()
Poster in Gather.Town - Denver Whittington (Syracuse University) (until 10:00) ()
09:00 A Monte Carlo detector response model for solar neutrino absorption on 40Ar in DEAP-3600 - Andrew Erlandson (Carleton University)   ()
09:00 Measurement of the Light-Yield in MicroBooNE with Isolated Protons - Jiaoyang Li (the University of Edinburgh)   ()
09:00 Measurements of the X-Arapuca single-cell light detection efficiency. - Henrique Souza (University of Campinas) Ettore Segreto (Unicamp)   ()
09:00 Role of a-Se device configuration in UV detection efficiency characterized by Time of Flight - Kaitlin Hellier (University of California, Santa Cruz)   ()
09:00 Scintillation light yield of solid Xenon - Marco Guarise (University of Ferrara)   ()
09:00 Scintillation-based background rejection methods in large scale LArTPCs - Anyssa Navrer-Agasson (The University of Manchester)   ()
09:00 Simulating and Validating the X-ARAPUCA light sensors - Gustavo Valdiviesso (Universidade Federal de Alfenas Unifal-MG)   ()
Applications (2B) - Liang Yang (UC San Diego) (until 12:30) ()
10:00 The liquid argon scintillation detection system for LEGEND-200 - Stefan Schönert (TUM)   ()
10:15 Status and prospects of the NEXT experiment - Dr Lior Arazi (Unit of Nuclear Engineering, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel)   ()
10:30 Status and perspectives of the PETALO project - Paola Ferrario (Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC))   ()
10:45 First Results from the Light only Liquid Xenon experiment - Austin de St. Croix (Queens University/TRIUMF)   ()
11:00 Xenon-Doped Liquid Argon Scintillation for Positron Emission Tomography - Alejandro Ramirez (University of Houston)   ()
11:15 HeRALD: A Superfluid Helium Sub-GeV Dark Matter Detector - Roger Romani (UC Berkeley)   ()
11:30 A 10-kg LAr bubble chamber for sub-keV nuclear recoil detection -- Update and Calibration Strategies - Eric Dahl (Northwestern University)   ()
11:45 Precision CEvNS measurements with liquid argon scintillators for COHERENT - Daniel Joseph Salvat (Indiana University)   ()
12:00 Low Energy Physics Sensitivity in a Radiopure DUNE-like Detector - Eric Church (PNNL)   ()
12:15 Searches for new physics with a stopped-pion source at the Fermilab accelerator complex - Jacob Zettlemoyer (Fermilab)   ()
Detector Techniques (3A) - Roberto Santorelli (CIEMAT) (until 09:30) ()
07:00 Mind the (gas) gap: a single-phase liquid xenon TPC - Adam Brown (University of Freiburg)   ()
07:15 Prospects of S2 analysis in single-phase liquid xenon TPCs - Fabian Kuger (Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg)   ()
07:30 Proposal of a Geiger-geometry Single Phase Time Projection Chamber as Potential Detector Technique for next-generation large-scale dark matter search detector - Qing Lin (University of Science and Technology of China)   ()
07:45 Detection of Electroluminescence in Liquid Xenon with a Radial Time Projection Chamber - Jianyang Qi (UCSD)   ()
08:00 Understanding the impact of high voltage electrodes on low-energy dark matter searches with the LZ dual phase xenon TPC - Ryan Linehan   ()
08:15 Latest Results from the Xenon Breakdown Apparatus - Reed Watson (University of California, Berkeley)   ()
08:30 Dielectric Strength of Noble and Quenched Gases for High Pressure Time Projection Chambers - Logan Norman   ()
08:45 A new high voltage cable feedthrough concept for future dark matter and neutrino experiments - Dr Luca Pagani (University of California at Davis)   ()
09:00 Low Threshold Operation of the Scintillating Xenon Bubble Chamber - Matthew Bressler (Drexel University)   ()
09:15 A proposal to use neutron captures as a source of ultra-low energy nuclear-recoils in liquid xenon - Chami Amarasinghe (University of Michigan)   ()
Coffee Break and Social Time in Gather.Town (until 10:00) ()
Light/Charge Readout (3B) - Denver Whittington (Syracuse University) (until 12:30) ()
10:00 Development of analog signal transmission in LAr for DUNE - Sabrina Sacerdoti (APC-Paris,France)   ()
10:15 Organic photosensors for detection of VUV scintillation light - Michael Febbraro (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   ()
10:30 Track imaging in noble liquid detectors - Valerio Pia   ()
10:45 Increasing photodetector light collection with metalenses - Chris Stanford (Harvard University)   ()
11:00 Assembly and test of a prototype nEXO charge-readout module with built-in, cryogenic ASIC readout - Evan Angelico (Stanford University)   ()
11:15 The SBND Photon Detection System - Vincent Basque (Fermilab)   ()
11:30 Scintillation light detection in the 6-m drift length ProtoDUNE Dual Phase liquid argon TPC - Inés Gil-Botella (CIEMAT Madrid)   ()
11:45 Characterization of the DUNE photodetectors and study of the event burst phenomenon - Tommaso Giammaria   ()
12:00 Pyrene-polystyrene wavelength shifters for liquid argon experiments - Hicham Benmansour (Queen's University)   ()
12:15 Optical Light Collection Amount Studies for Dedicated Measurements - A. Carolina Garcia B.   ()
Light/Charge Readout (4A) - Joern Mahlstedt (Stockholm) (until 09:30) ()
07:00 XENONnT light sensors: performance and reliability - Giovanni Volta (University of Zurich)   ()
07:15 Improved quality tests of R11410-21 photomultiplier tubes - Luisa Hoetzsch (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik)   ()
07:30 The ABALONE Photosensor - Valerio D'Andrea (UnivAQ & LNGS)   ()
07:45 Very-thick transparent GEMs with wavelength-shifting capability for noble element TPCs - Marcin Kuźniak (AstroCeNT / CAMK PAN)   ()
08:00 The Bubble-Free Liquid Hole-Multiplier: a New Concept for Primary and Secondary Scintillation Detection in Noble-Liquid Detectors - Dr Arindam Roy (Unit of Nuclear Engineering, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel)   ()
08:15 Usage of PEN as self-vetoing structural material with wavelength shifting capabilities in the LEGEND experiment - Luis Manzanillas (Max Planck Institute for Physics)   ()
08:30 Polyethylene naphthalate wavelength shifter development and comparison with TPB using 2PAC - Cenk Turkoglu (AstroCeNT)   ()
08:45 R&D and characterization of wavelength-shifting reflectors for LEGEND-200 and for future LAr-based detectors - Gabriela Rodrigues Araujo (University of Zurich)   ()
09:00 CMOS based SPAD Arrays for light detection in rare event search experiments - Michael Keller (Heidelberg University)   ()
Coffee Break and Social Time in Gather.Town (until 10:00) ()
Detector Techniques (4B) - Evan Shockley (UC San Diego) (until 12:30) ()
10:00 Results from the Xeclipse Liquid Purification Test System for XENONnT - Joseph Howlett   ()
10:15 Purification of large volume of liquid argon for the LEGEND-200 experiment - Grzegorz Zuzel (Jagiellonian University)   ()
10:30 Modeling the Effect of Impurities on the Electron Lifetime in Liquid Xenon for nEXO - Ako Jamil (Yale University)   ()
10:45 Measurement of the underground argon radiopurity for Dark Matter direct searches - Pablo Garcia Abia (CIEMAT)   ()
11:00 The LZ Krypton Removal Chromatography System - Andrew Ames (SLAC, Stanford University)   ()
11:15 CrystaLiZe: A Solid Future for LZ - Scott Kravitz (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)   ()
11:30 Development of a Pulsed VUV Light Source With Adjustable Intensity - Austin McDonald (University of Texas at Arlington)   ()
11:45 Fluorescence light yield and time constants of acrylic (PMMA) excited with UV light - Emma Ellingwood (Queen's University)   ()
12:00 Development and characterization of a slow wavelength shifting coating for background rejection in liquid argon detectors - David Gallacher (Carleton University)   ()
12:15 Barium Tagging for the NEXT Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Program - Karen Navarro (University of Texas at Arlington)   ()
Coffee Break and Social Time in Gather.Town (until 13:00) ()
Light/Charge Readout (1C) - Marcin Kuźniak (AstroCeNT / CAMK PAN) (until 15:30) ()
13:00 Charge and Light Sensing in Noble Liquid TPCs (Keynote) - Veljko Radeka (Brookhaven National Laboratory )   ()
13:40 The DUNE Vertical Drift Photon Detection System - Laura Paulucci, for the DUNE Collaboration   ()
13:55 Wavelength-Shifting Performance of Polyethylene Naphthalate Films in a Liquid Argon Environment - Dr Ryan Dorrill (Illinois Institute of Technology)   ()
14:10 Amorphous Selenium based VUV Photodetector for use in Liquid Noble Detectors - Jonathan Asaadi (University of Texas at Arlington)   ()
14:25 Assembly and characterization of a large area VUV sensitive SiPM array for the nEXO TPC teststand at Stanford - Jacopo Dalmasson (Stanford University)   ()
14:40 Direct detection of argon scintillation light using VUV-sensitive silicon photomultipliers - Teal Pershing (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)   ()
14:55 Overview and Current Status of the X-ARAPUCA Light Collection System in SBND - Polina Abratenko   ()
Coffee Break and Social Time in Gather.Town (until 13:00) ()
Signal Reconstruction (2C) - Matthew Szydagis (University at Albany SUNY) (until 15:00) ()
13:00 Physics Modeling of Xenon and Argon detectors with the Noble Element Simulation Technique (NEST) - Kirsten McMichael (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)   ()
13:15 A first-principles approach to electron-ion recombination in liquid xenon - Olivia Piazza   ()
13:30 Characterizing electroluminescence region of the NEXT high pressure gaseous xenon TPC with Kr gas - Jonathan Haefner (Harvard University)   ()
13:45 Salting as a bias mitigation technique in LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) - Tyler Anderson (SLAC)   ()
14:00 Lightmap reconstruction in nEXO with an internal xenon 127 source - Clarke Hardy (Stanford University)   ()
14:15 Optical Modeling and Position Reconstruction for DarkSide-20k - Michael Poehlmann (University of California, Davis)   ()
14:30 Measurement of the Scintillation Light Triggering Efficiency in MicroBooNE - Vincent Basque (Fermilab)   ()
14:45 Measurement of the total neutron cross section on argon in the 30 to 70 keV energy range - Tyler Erjavec (University of California Davis)   ()
Coffee Break and Social Time in Gather.Town (until 13:00) ()
Signal Reconstruction (3C) - Maria Elena Monzani (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) (until 15:00) ()
13:00 Simulations of Geometric Aspects for ARAPUCA Designs - Marcio Rostirolla Adames (UTFPR)   ()
13:15 Demonstration of ~ns timing resolution in MicroBooNE Photon Detection System - Dante Totani (University of California, Santa Barbra)   ()
13:30 Photon detection probability predictionusing one-dimensional generative neural network - Wei Mu (Fermilab)   ()
13:45 Boosting background suppression in the NEXT experiment through Richardson-Lucy deconvolution - Dr Ander Simón Estévez (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)   ()
14:00 Neutrino Backgrounds in Future Liquid Noble Element Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments - Pietro Giampa (SNOLAB)   ()
14:15 Neutral bremsstrahlung calculations for TPCs - Mr Pablo Amedo (Instituto Galego de Física de Altas Enerxías (IGFAE, USC))   ()
14:30 Study of the luminescence of He/CF4 mixture for the CYGNO detector - Andrea Messina (Sapienza Università di Roma & INFN)   ()
14:45 Nucleation efficiency of nuclear recoils in bubble chambers - Daniel Durnford (University of Alberta)   ()
Closing Remarks - Kaixuan Ni (UCSD) (until 12:45) ()
12:30 Closing Remarks, Poster Awards, Next Conference, etc.   ()