14-17 September 2021
America/Los_Angeles timezone

Results from the Xeclipse Liquid Purification Test System for XENONnT

17 Sep 2021, 10:00
Detector techniques (HV, purification, cryogenics, calibration etc.) Detector Techniques (4B)


Joseph Howlett


As liquid xenon detectors grow in scale, novel techniques are required to maintain sufficient purity for charges to survive across longer drifts. The Xeclipse test facility at Columbia University was built to test the removal of electronegative impurities through cryogenic filtration powered by a liquid xenon pump, making possible a far higher mass flow rate than gas-phase purification through hot getters. This talk will outline the results of this R&D, which were used to guide the design and commissioning of the XENONnT liquid purification system. Thanks to this innovation, XENONnT has achieved an electron lifetime greater than 10 milliseconds in an 8.5 ton target mass, perhaps the highest purity ever measured in a liquid xenon detector.

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